2004 Orange County Music Award for Best Classic Rock

2005 Riverside County Music Award for Best Americana

2006 Southern California Music Award for Best Roots Rock


“Stunning originals, accessible and intelligent,” Robert Kinsler, OC Register

“Wonderfully noisy! A richly textured mix of rock, folk, country and bluegrass that sounds a little like the Band, Steve Earle, Ralph Stanley and even the Stones.” – John Roos, OC Weekly

“Heartfelt Grounded and Real!” – Editor, The Music Connection

“We’re not used to opening bands rocking like that, these guys rocked!” – Buddy Blue, San Diego Tribune

“A powerful collection.. on the way to the radio.” – Editor, Country Music Magazine

“Blazing Skills on Guitar and Mandolin,” – Robert Kinsler, OC Register

“The Kelly Bowlin wowed the crowd with a tight set, spiked with elements of ugly-country and rock swimming in swing and style. The award-winning band likely won over many converts there for the headliner simply by their graciousness and superb musicianship.” – Vintage Rock Magazine

Review of Williamsburg album

Review of Dancing in a Hurricane album


Featured Band on KLOS Radio

Featured Band on Los Angeles Powerhouse radio station KLOS 95.5

“Local Licks,” program

Featured Band on SiriusXM “Underground Rock”

Second Album “Dancing in a Hurricane” featured on National Radio SirusXM “Underground Rock” hosted by Bruce Springsteen’s very own “Steven Van Zant,” Best Recordings in America.

LA Talk Radio “Chords and Vines program”

Featured Band on LA Talk radio, March 13, 2016 program


Hugh Maverick Heller June 2, 2015

Overflowing with a broad mix of simply great tunes. Their influences caused me to think By hugh m haller on June 2, 2015 Format: MP3 Music The Kelly Bowlin Band offers a musical cornucopia, overflowing with a broad mix of simply great tunes. Their influences caused me to think: “that sounds a bit like…” reminding me of something familiar, just out of reach, but presented in what is very much their own voice. They take what has gone before and build on that foundation to make it better. Excellent musicianship shines through on each cut, supporting and lifting vocals that come from a place of passion. This listener enjoyed the ride, eclectic, varied, often intense and exciting…a very satisfying auditory feast. Now if I can just figure a way to get this ear-worm out of my head…I’ve got to get back to work! Comment Looking for voting buttons? Sorry, we don’t let customers vote on their own reviews.

Colorado Brian on CD Baby 2016

50 Shades of Hey!

How many times have you bought a cd from a country singer or a rock-n-roll band and, after listening to all the songs, thought, “They kind of all sound the same.”

Rest assured, The Kelly Bowlin Bands ‘Toxic Assets’ does not suffer from ‘The Songs All Sound the Same’ syndrome. Toxic Assets will take you on a trip through rock-n-roll, outlaw country, and 50 Shades of Hell yah in between. One song might remind the listener of a time when Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Go Ask Alice’ was on top of the charts. The next song might race ahead a few decades to a time when Alice in Chains was all the rage. From a hint of bluegrass to a heavy metal guitar solo, each song gives you a blend of genre’s as if prepared by a Master Chef.

If you love country music, you’re going to Love ‘Toxic Assets’.

If you love rock-n-roll, you’re going to Love ‘Toxic Assets’.

If you love a blend of Blues and Bluegrass, you’re going to Love ‘Toxic Assets’.

If you love live music, you’re going to Love ‘Toxic Assets’.

Adam Spriggs, (Talent buyer at the Coach House)

“Hey Kelly Thanks for kicking ass this weekend!

Sherry White – 10/21/2015

I really need to see the band perform again. Your music fills my soul with happiness and makes me wanna dance.

Robert Harris – July 2016

Saw the band in August and really enjoyed the show and musicianship of players. Good vibe!

Tina Sprague – 2013

Do you ever make it East? I saw you in Cali back in 03… you were awesome! I am in Knoxville. Folks would love you guys!!