Russell and Kelly

We want to be more than just musicians who sing and play. Along with the music comes a social conscience. We have some things to say and do. We want to be a voice in the community that is recognized through actions as much as words, or in our case songs. Whenever/wherever we play we hope we can raise awareness to plight of our homeless brothers and sisters wherever they are.

When we perform, we try to point out local parks or locations where the homeless need help. Because we’re based in Southern California, we’ve had many opportunities to help. One area dear to our hearts is La Palma Park in Anaheim. It’s referred to as the Homeless Park and it’s particularly sad because it’s located in one of the wealthiest cities in America “Anaheim.” The Magic Kingdom surely generates bank for the city, but surprisingly the city has done very little to help the homeless.

At La Palma Park there are many families that live in tents year round while their kids go to school. We don’t even make a noticeable dent in the problem, but still try to provide food, clothing and sustenance when possible. We’ve organized “Busking Events” that put local musicians together in high profile public settings, literally set out a jar, and sing to the moon.

We’ve also organized food and clothing drives to provide some sense of relief to these people. When people come to one of our shows, they’ll hopefully come away thinking “What did we just hear,” and at the least be aware of folks nearby who could use some help.